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What I provide...

Itinerary Planning

Ready to plan a trip of a lifetime? I provide the planning, design, scope and logistics of your itinerary. Also, my personalised travel app, for real time scheduling and updates.

24/7 Concierge Service

Stuck somewhere and having to call the airline? Not with me. My 24 hour concierge service means I am available to you anytime and any day if anything untoward happens.

Here For You

If travel was a relationship status it would be, "it's complicated". Most countries do require forms that need to be filled out, I provide the correct links for all of these forms and guide you 100% for stress free travel.


Many different destinations to explore!

Ocean Cruising, River Cruising, Sailing.
Fascinating history, unique architecture, great food.
Beautiful beaches, warm weather, friendly locals.
Amazing food, great for those on a budget, rich cultures.
Diverse, Historic, Natural Beauty.
Incredible mozaic of landscape, wildlife and culture.

About Me

The future of travel has changed. I am the advisor that will help and be with you every step of the way. Being up to date on the ever changing requirements and having the knowledge to guide you is extremely important moving forward in a world that has changed with travelling being different than in the past.

During my 28 years of being in travel, my clients know the value of stress free travel in any situation. I ensure I get all the details right and understand my clients individual needs and wants. Just check out the testimonials out below and call me for a chat when you are ready.


Sandra Ivelja


Read some testimonials from happy clients!

What you really need at this time is a travel agent who is on your side, who works for you 100%, with the ability to solve problems and think laterally.

Sandra Ivelja and So Travel is such an agent, someone who was truly on my side when everything around me appeared to be collapsing and all I wanted to do was to get home.

Sandra managed to reduce my stress levels considerably and had me on the last Emirates flight out of Rome before the airports closed. A massive relief, thank you Sandra.

It's not something I will ever forget. Thanks again.

— Silva

We had an emergency situation due to Covid-19. We had sailed from India to Malaysia on our yacht to find Malaysia had just closed its borders... along with the rest of the world!

We had two travel agents working on finding flights to Auckland for us but could not find anything and eventually gave up. A friend recommended Sandra of So Travel...

Sandra is amazing! Within hours she had booked affordable flights from Malaysia to Auckland on good carriers with the minimum of stopovers - which was incredible at that time - including transits with hotel bookings and all quarantine exemption and transit documentation completed - we were departing in 6 days!

— Hilary and Graeme

I have used Sandra's services on numerous occasions for travel to Asia and Europe and she has always been so helpful.

Most recently we used her creations to come home from Spain. As things started to get worse there due to COVID-19 we were so glad to have Sandra looking after us and making all the necessary changes to get us back to NZ as soon as possible.

I cannot thank Sandra enough for doing everything she could to help us at all sorts of crazy times, being in a different time zone.

I would highly recommend Sandra to anyone who is looking for a travel agent, as well as anyone who thinks they don't need a travel agent.

— Christiana

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